Mom says goodbye to son dying of cancer: Then he says 4 words that break her heart

Everyone thought it was just a harmless cold.

But as the days went by, the situation became more worrying.

Eventually parents Ruth & Jonathan Scully received the worst news imaginable: their 3 year old son Nolan was suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Nolan Strong

In September 2015 Nolan was suffering with a blocked nose. His parents thought it was just a simple cold. However, he soon began having difficulties breathing and medicine wasn’t helping him.

Two months later, his doctor discovered that it was a tumor causing the blockage in his airways.

He was suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. The cancer is, unfortunately, currently resistant to all forms of treatment.

Ruth wanted to share the stark reality of the disease. She shared a photo of Nolan sleeping on the bathroom floor. He was terrified of leaving his mom’s side, even when she took a shower.

After several rounds of treatment, Nolan became weaker. Sadly, the cancer had spread all over his body.

When cancer spreads to that extent, it decreases the chances of survival from 40% to 20%.

Nolan’s mom made the decision to document his final months.

When she took Nolan to the hospital for the final time, the little boy hadn’t eaten for days, because he would constantly throw up.

Final days
In a Facebook post Nolan’s mom describes their final days at the hospital:

“I sat down with him and put my head up against his and had the following conversation:

Me: Poot, it hurts to breathe doesn’t it?

Nolan: Weeeelll…. yeah.

Me: You’re in a lot of pain aren’t you baby?

Nolan: (looking down) Yeah.

Me: Poot, this Cancer stuff sucks. You don’t have to fight anymore.

Nolan: (Pure Happiness) I DONT??!! But I will for you Mommy!!

Me: No Poot!! Is that what you have been doing?? Fighting for Mommy??

Nolan: Well DUH!!

Me: Nolan Ray, what is Mommy’s job?

Nolan: To keep me SAFE! (With a big grin)

Me: Honey … I can’t do that anymore here. The only way I can keep you safe is in Heaven. (My heart shattering)

Nolan: Sooooo I’ll just go to Heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come right?

Me: Absolutely!! You can’t get rid of Mommy that easy!!

Nolan: Thank you Mommy!!! I’ll go play with Hunter and Brylee and Henry!!”

For the next few days, Nolan mostly slept.

His parents thought about going home to spend one last night together – but when they were done packing, Nolan grabbed his mom’s hand and told her it was OK, they could stay at the hospital.

“My 4 year old Hero was trying to make sure things were easy for me….,” Ruth writes on Facebook.

The mom continues:

“About 9:00pm we were watching YouTube in bed (Peppa Pig actually) and I asked Nolan if I could get in the shower, as I was not allowed to leave him and Mommy had to be touching him at all times.

He said ‘Ummmm ok Mommy. Have Uncle Chris come sit with me and I’ll turn this way so I can see you.’

I stood at the bathroom door, turned to him and said ‘Keep looking right here Poot, I’ll be out in two seconds.’

I ran and jumped into bed with him and put my hand on the right side of his face. Then a miracle that I will never forget happened….

My angel took a breath, opened his eyes, smiled at me and said ’I love you mommy’.

He turned his head towards me and at 11:54 pm Sgt. Rollin Nolan Scully passed away as I was singing ‘You are My Sunshine’ in his ear.”

The little boy woke up one last time, gathered his strength and told his mom he loved her. What a little hero.

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Your body warns you before a blood clot: 8 hidden signs you should never ignore

It’s estimated that between 60 000 and 100 000 people in the US die each year due to blood clots.

 But despite how common it is, and despite the many medications available, there are still many people who die from blood clots. They either seek help too late – or not at all.Of course, there are things we can do to take care of ourselves. Together we can help increase awareness – and being aware of the life-saving warning signals that your body sends out can hopefully encourage more people to seek treatment as early as possible.

A blood clot occurs when blood thickens in the blood vessels and forms a blockage. This makes it more difficult for normal blood flow to continue through the blockage – and large blood clots can lead to heart attacks or heart failure.

Often, it is not possible to explain why an individual gets a blood clot. It can also be difficult to detect because the symptoms can be mild.

Therefore, it is extra important to know the warning signals that your body sends, so that you can seek treatment ASAP. Below we have listed 8 signals that everyone should be aware of.

1. Swollen calves
Blood clots often build in the calves. This is known as deep vein thrombosis, DVT, and occurs when oxygen fails to reach vital organs. This in turn causes bad blood circulation and further calve swelling – a common symptom of blood clots.

Apart from swelling and a warm sensation, there can also be redness or discoloration when a blood clot occurs.

2. Pain or tenderness in the legs
Another common sign of DVT is pain in your legs, calves or feet.

Your calf may also feel sore or tense when you squeeze it.

3. Red stripes along your veins
If you have prominent veins and can see red stripes running alongside them, it can be a sign of a blood clot.

They can also be sore or hot, two other characteristics to look out for.

4. Chest pain
If you get a blood clot in your lungs it must be treated by a doctor as soon as possible.

An important sign to look out for is a pain that feels like a hole in one side of your chest. You may start feeling pain in your chest or back. You can also feel pressure in the centre of your chest, which can be hard to identify alongside other chest pains.

5. Difficulty breathing
Strained breathing is a symptom that should never be ignored. If you notice that you’re having trouble breathing, that your heart is racing or you have a cold sweat and feel dizzy, or even faint, it can mean that you have a blood clot in your lungs.

If you experience all of the above symptoms together, then it’s a warning sign that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. You should seek treatment from your doctor straight away.

6. Dry coughing
If you aren’t sick and find yourself coughing for no reason, you need to look out for other symptoms that could point to a blood clot in your lungs – like heart palpitations, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

In rare cases you may also cough up phlegm with traces of blood visible.

7. Vomiting and diarrhea
If you have a blood clot in your intestines, it can lead to sharp pains that can be felt in your stomach and abdomin.

You may feel unwell, feel nauseas and have diarrhea with visible blood.

8. Severe headache
A blood clot or bleeding on the brain is called a stroke. It leads to a lack of oxygen in the brain and can cause a blistering headache. It can also cause you to have sudden problems seeing or speaking.

Other common symptoms of a stroke include numbness and paralysis, (often on one side of the bod),confusion and dizziness.

By recognising these 8 signs I hope we can save more lives in the future.

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Cheapskate husband wants to be buried with his fortune – the widow’s smart revenge is ingenious

Sometimes it can be pretty annoying to have a partner that will not spend any money. Of course you are free to spend your money as you please, but when you were in a relationship it’s a small bit different.

You should spend your money on your partner a day should also spend their money on you if the relationship is equal.

I am not sure how true this story is. Is maybe completely made up but nonetheless it was hilarious and you have to admire the cunning smarts of the widow..

I saw this story yesterday and just thought I had to share it. Please feel free to share with your friends if it made you laugh today.

There was a man who had worked all of his life and had saved all of his money.

 He was a real miser when it came to his money. He loved money more than just about anything, and just before he died, he said to his wife, “Now listen, when I die I want you to take all my money and place it in the casket with me. I want to take all my money to the afterlife.”

So he got his wife to promise him with all her heart that when he died, she would put all the money in the casket with him. Well, one day he died.

He was stretched out in the casket, the wife was sitting there in black next to their best friend. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, “Wait a minute!”

She had a shoe box with her. She came over with the box and placed it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket and rolled it away.

Her friend said, “I hope you weren’t crazy enough to put all that money in there with that stingy old man.”

She said, “Yes, I promised. I’m a good Christian, I can’t lie. I promised him that I was going to put that money in that casket with him.”

“You mean to tell me you put every cent of his money in the casket with him?”

“I sure did,” said the wife. “I got it all together, put it into my account and I wrote him a check.”

A man drags a dog for 20 miles behind his truck. Gets arrested and penalized for this crime!

One less animal abuser
It is safe to say that there is one less animal abuser in the world and there are still many left. It is not understandable as to why people do that to the animals. There can’t be any justification for acts like this because they come from sick minded people like this man from Green, Kentucky. He tethered a dog behind his truck and dragged him for 15 to 20 miles without even thinking twice.

for his acts. Furthermore, Jones said that it was one of the most disturbing cases of animal cruelty he had ever seen. This was because the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol. It happened on August 6 as Dennis was driving while being drunk and shocked everyone he passed by as the dog became entangled behind the rear axle.

He pulled over after at least 15 to 20 miles at Chalybeate Fire Department and even police say that it was the worst act of animal cruelty they had ever seen. An off duty police officer saw the scene and called 911 and then tracked this egregious situation by following dog’s blood trail. To everyone’s shock, Dennis upon questioning said that he had forgotten that he had tied the dog behind his truck. Also, he was on methamphetamine while driving and he will be facing up to 5 years in prison for this act as the dog died as a result.

Should Homeless Vets Receive Government Housing Before Refugees?

Liberals want to force America to take in refugees and provide housing, food and clothing for them while the very people who fought for our country and freedom literally freeze to death outside.

Why do liberals hate our veterans so much? It doesn’t make sense that we should give so much to people who are not citizens, and in many cases don’t respect the values we hold as Americans, while we have many homeless and hungry veterans who need our help.
Here is a story about just how bad things have gotten for veterans. This takes place in Sweden, but it might as well be in our own backyards.

Buzzpro: ‘Refugees’ arriving in Sweden are plied with an endless list of entitlements, as seen in the video. But during the same time frame this family was getting free housing, a homeless Swedish vet froze to death.

The European ”humanitarian superpower” Sweden does its very best to please Muslim asylum seekers, by providing them with both food, clothing and shelter, but it seems the country’s own ethnic citizens in need are of less importance and forgotten. Sture, a homeless man in his 60s was found dead early Wednesday morning outside the hospital in Nynashamn. Sture had sought refuge from the cold in Nynäshamns hospital during the night. But he was not allowed to remain there.

A security guard threw him out, and without any offers of housing from the municipality, and out of options, he was forced to spend the night at a bus stop outside the hospital.

In the morning he was found frozen to death, reports Nynäshamnsposten. Of course in Nynäshamnsposten the article about Sture’s death soon became just a notice, but Swedish alternative media dug up his story. Sture was a man who is described as a good worker throughout his life, including in the armed forces and at a nursing home.

This is so sad, but it doesn’t have to be this way. President Obama couldn’t have cared less about our veterans, but luckily he is gone and so are his far left policies.
President Trump is standing up for veterans and their families. Let’s make sure we take a stand with him and do all we can to help our brave veterans like they deserve.

Should homeless veterans receive government housing before refugees?

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‘It’s Not American Oil’: Nebraska Farmer Schools Fox Host’s Belief Canadian Oil Will Make US Energy Independent

In an interview with Sandra Smith from Fox News, a Nebraska farmer squashed her ridiculous notion that the Keystone XL pipeline President Donald Trump is reviving will make America energy independent.

Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup owns a 160 acre farm outside of Neligh, NE and will be negatively affected by the pipeline.

Smith started by trying to make Tanderup feel inferior as she called his farm “small” and noted it was passed down through his wife’s family. Then she claimed the Keystone XL pipeline would make America energy indenepdent.

Tanderup explained the oil in the Keystone XL pipeline would only travel through America, allowing Canadian Tar Sands to be processed and then exported.

“But it’s going across America to be refined and exported, which is not for America’s use,” Tanderup explained. “If they do not mix some high-quality crude with this, the best they get is poor-grade diesel fuel, which we can’t even burn in this country.”

During the interview Fox also made the false claim that the pipeline would create 42,ooo jobs and as many as 500,000 jobs by 2035.  The truth is the pipeline will create thousands of very temporary jobs, and there will be about 35 permanent jobs according to expectations.

For years, Art Tanderup has been a burr in the saddle of TransCanada Corporation efforts to build the pipeline. In 2014, Tanderup traveled to Washington, DC as part of the Cowboy Indian Alliance against the KXL pipeline and his farm hosted a 10,000 attendee concert with artists Neil Young and Willie Nelson.

You can watch the video here.


8000 Flint Residents Threatened With Foreclosure For Refusing To Pay For Toxic Water

Over 8000 people, and their families, in Flint are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure if they don’t pay their past due water bills, even though the water still has unsafe levels of lead.

After recently putting out shut-off notices the city is now back to threatening tax liens on people’s homes, reported NBC 25.

“I got scared, for probably the first time since this all started this actually scared me,” said Melissa Mays, a mother and water activist who lives in Flint.

After not paying their water bill for 6 months, Mays received the notice in the mail Friday stating that she must pay nearly $900 by May 19 to avoid a lien being placed on her property.

More than 8,000 people/families are also on the same notice for the same reason.

Mays is now going against her values in order to save her family home.  She is obviously opposed to paying for toxic water, but prefers that to being homeless.

“While I understand this is the way the law reads we are in a totally different situation,” said Mays.

City leaders say people should be paying for the water, even if it is contaminated with  unsafe levels of lead.

“We have to have revenue coming in, so we can’t give people revenue, I mean excuse me, give people water at the tap and not get revenue coming in to pay those bills,” said Al Mooney, City of Flint Treasury Department.

Mooney says the shut offs are already working in the city’s favor. Last month Flint brought in nearly $3 million for water.The previous month they only collected $2.1 million, according to the Fox video below.

Mooney hopes the 8,000 tax lien notices that went out with scare people into paying their water bills. It would bring in  about $6,000,000 for the city.

Police Change Their Story Surrounding the Events Leading Up to Teen Boy’s Slaying

Police are changing their story about the death of 15-year-old Jordan Edward, who was shot in the head and killed by police while leaving a party. Law enforcement originally stated the vehicle Jordan was a passenger of was “coming toward police aggressively” so much so officers feared for their lives and opened fire.It has now been reported, corroborating what Edward’s family has said all along- it that the teens were speeding away because they  fleeing for safety after hearing shits fired at the gathering.

Since this revelation, the officer who killed Edwards has not been charged, although the teens death is being investigated as a homicide.

As reported by Lauren del Valle for CNN:

(CNN)Police in a Dallas suburb have changed their story on the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of a teenager outside a house party over the weekend.

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber initially said a car was moving “aggressively” toward officers when one of them fired into it Saturday night, killing 15-year-old Jordan Edwards, but the chief told reporters Monday he “misspoke.”
Haber said body camera footage of the incident showed the car was driving forward, away from the officers, not reversing toward them.
“I take responsibility for that,” Haber said.
The officer’s behavior “did not meet our core values,” Haber said.
Officers broke up the house party in response to reports of under-aged drinking. One officer then fired a rifle into a vehicle as it was driving away from the party, fatally injuring the front-seat passenger.
Jordan died from a fatal wound to the head, according to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office. The freshman Mesquite High School student-athlete’s death was ruled a homicide.
Police were looking for the owners of the house when shots were allegedly heard in the area, creating chaos right before Jordan was shot, according to Balch Springs Police Public Information Officer Pedro Gonzalez.
Haber declined to confirm whether any shots were confirmed to have been fired or whether the boys in the car were armed, citing the ongoing investigation.
The officer fired three shots into the car, Edwards family lawyer Lee Merritt told CNN, based on eyewitness accounts from the other boys in the car.
Jordan’s 16-year-old brother and their three friends were detained at the scene and taken away from Jordan’s wounded body to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, where they were eventually interviewed as witnesses. The boys were not arrested or charged, according to Merritt.
Jordan was transported to Baylor University hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries, according to a BSPD press release.

Sheriff’s department conducting criminal investigation

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting in tandem with the Public Integrity Unit from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the investigation.
The 6-year veteran of the Balch Springs police force who fired the fatal shot was placed on administrative leave, but has not been charged or arrested. His identity is not being released at this time, Haber said.
The officer had no similar prior incidents, Haber said, and BSPD is conducting a separate internal administrative review of the incident.
“The Balch Springs Police Department, regardless of how this whole thing turns out, we are here to serve this community,” Haber said.
Haber met with Jordan’s parents twice since his death, expressing condolences on behalf of the department and the city.
The Edwards family’s lawyer will meet with the investigating parties this week on their behalf.
The Edward’s family is suffering due to the epidemic of bad policing, where police think they are entitled to do as they please with impunity. While the officer is protected by not having their name released, and not being punished accordingly by simply being placed on leave, where does protection for the citizens affected by rogue policing? The Edward’s family icertainly was not protected- and is grieving the loss of their loved one’s life that was cut far too short by someone who could not do their job.
“We are declaring war on bad policing,” Merritt said in a news conference held on behalf of the family Monday. “America throughout the country must figure out a way to police its citizens without killing them.”

Family privately grieving

Jordan’s family has not spoken publicly, wishing to grieve privately until after the funeral, Merritt told CNN. They saw Jordan’s body for the first time late Monday night, he said.
Jordan will be remembered for his smile, those who knew him told reporters. Grief counselors were made available at Mesquite High School, because Edwards was such a well-known, well-liked member of the community, Merritt said.
“The entire district — especially the staff and students of Mesquite High School — are mourning this terrible loss,” a Mesquite High School statement said.
A prayer vigil was held Monday night at the high school for the community. A funeral has not yet been scheduled, according to Merritt.
What would be the appropriate moves for the police department going forward now that they are retracting their initial statements, and admitting to wrong doing in this matter? Do you think withholding the information in regards to the officer involved is appropriate? They certainly wouldn’t have done the same to protect a civilian’s identity who’d have done the same thing. What are the consequences of the department retracting their statements? I believe the distrust the community already has for law enforcement will only rise as problems are often swept under the rug and not dealt with honestly and truthfully from the onset.

Farmer Found This Massive Shell Hiding On His Farm. After A Closer Look, He Realized It’s Not Just A Shell

How would you feel if you’ve come across a huge shell in your own land which happens to be a prehistoric fossil? Sound interesting, isn’t it?

This is what Argentinian farmer Antnio Nievas stumbled upon one daw as he was tending his land. A huge shell similar to a rock and egg was about a meter long, black and scaly,

Nievas have no idea what his strange discovery is, people also got curious about it. Soon, Nievas’ farm turned into a geological site as the media and scientists have grown curiosity of the huge shell.

After a thorough investigation, it turned out that Nievas actually find himself a prehistoric fossil which believed to be fossil remains of a Glyptondont.

Gylptondont is a prehistoric creature which can grow up to 3 meters long or as big and heavy as a Volkswagen Beetle; it is believed to be the ancient ancestor to the modern-day armadillo.

National History Museum of London historian Adrian Lister said, “I think it is quite likely this is genuine. The shell looks like a genuine glyptodont shell, and the hole is “wear and tear”, not where the head or tail went.”

Other experts also got excited with Nieves’s discovery. Alejandro Kramarz of the Bernadino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum explained “There is no doubt that it looks like a glyptodont.”

American Museum of Natural History’s Department of Mammalogy curator Dr. Ross MacPhee also has something to say about the huge shell.

“It looks real enough. Complete shells are rarely found, but they do occur.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Bill Sellers from The University of Manchester is quite skeptical but still hopes that the shell really belongs to a real Glyptodont.

“The wear and tear is just what you’d expect. Glyptodonts aren’t so old, as they’re from the Pleistocene, so you can get really excellent preservation,” Sellers said.

“However, on the other hand, it is a little bit small. The carapace is supposed to be about two meters long but I guess there must have been juveniles and I expect there were some relatively small individuals, too.”

This discovery will help us learn more about our planet’s biological history. Watch about Glyptodonts fossil discovery below:

Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Cinnamon And Honey And Cure Arthritis, Cancer, Gallbladder, Cholesterol And 10 Other Diseases

The traditional Chinese medicine has used the combination of honey and cinnamon for thousands of years, and this mixture has a long tradition of use as a homemade medicine.

Honey is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, while cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to people.

The cinnamon essential oil and the enzyme found in honey which produces hydrogen peroxide, are the two most powerful anti-microbial components of this combination that prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria.

This potent mixture offers numerous health benefits, and is extremely helpful in the following cases:


To treat a chronic cough, common cold, and nasal congestion, you should take a tablespoon of honey with ¼ teaspoon cinnamon for three days.


Honey contains a natural ingredient which effectively destroys viruses and prevents influenza.


In a cup of tea, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 teaspoons of cinnamon, and drink the mixture. It will reduce the cholesterol levels by 10% within two hours.


To cure chronic arthritis, drink the following mixture twice daily, in the morning and in the evening: add two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water.

Boost the immune system

The regular consumption of this mixture will boost the immune system and prevents viruses and bacteria.

Stomach ache

You should regularly consume the mixture of cinnamon and honey to alleviate stomach ache and treat ulcer issues.


Mix cinnamon with some honey to prepare a paste and apply it on the acne at bedtime. You should wash it off the next morning.

Gallbladder infection

Add two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water, and consume it daily to kill microbes in the gallbladder.


Scientists have recently found that this combination can treat stomach cancer. Therefore, in this case, one should consume a mixture of a tablespoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey daily for 3 months.

Heart disease

Prepare a paste of cinnamon and honey and spread it on a slice of bread every morning. This will lower cholesterol levels and  prevent a heart attack.

Hair loss

In the case of hair loss or baldness, mix a tablespoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the scalp and leave it to act for 15 minutes, and rinse.

Weight loss

You should boil some cinnamon powder and honey in a glass of water and consume it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before your breakfast. This will help you lose weight in an easy and fast way.

How to prepare it:

You should put some honey in a pot and heat it. Add cinnamon and wait until you get a thick, caramel-like mixture. You should take a teaspoon of this mixture 30 minutes before meals.