A heartless Chinese peasant proceeded to skin a dog while the animal was still alive and cook him for lunch. A friend joined him, but rather than try stopping him, he documented the entire scene, taking numerous photos while laughing and cheering.

The anual Yulin dog meat festival – which is set to commence in June – is the main focus on animal rights activists in China.

But dog meat is not consumed during this outrageous dog eating festival, but rather over the course of the entire year, all across the country. Estimates point out that at least 10 million dogs are cooked each year in the world’s most populous country.

The system is extremely well organized. Dog snatchers – who are paid on commission – are having their hands full trying to get ahold of as many dogs as they can.

They are taken away street dogs (and claim they are actually doing society a favour, because street dogs are considered unhygienic), but are also stealing people’s pets.

These highly trained people jump onto people’s properties and escape with the dogs in just a matter of seconds – this is how much the dog meat trade has evolved.

In the rural areas of China, farmers routinely catch dogs and cook them. Canines can be found everywhere and there is absolutely no problem is finding the raw materials necessary for a juicy steak or marvelous dog stew (as residents like to put it).

Take this farmer for instance: he was extremely fond of a dog barbecue in that particular day, so he went out and returned home with his meal in a very short period of time.

This is the true face of China, not what they show you on TV, on social media or in magazines! Sadly, the dog is powerless to escape and is poised to end up on the man’s plate in no time.

Dog meat consumption can be traced all the way to Ancient China. The Chinese believe dog meat brings substantial health benefits to the human body; others believe it brings good fortune (superstitions).

The reality is that eating dogs causes nothing but trouble for humans: numerous diseases and infections that can cause significant health risks for humans have been associated with dog meat, including parasites such as E. Coli 107, rabies and salmonella.

There is also a danger of bacterial infections such as brucellosis and hepatitis. This has yet to discourage the Chinese population for eating dogs, but the government has a duty to put the life of its citizens above anything, and this is currently not happening.

Please take a stand against this sick and vile trade and urge Chinese officials to seriously consider a ban on dog meat consumption. First of all, dogs are not food, they make great pets and valuable companions – they are truly man’s best friend.

Secondly, as previously mentioned before, dog meat poses significant health risks for humans, which costs the Chinese government important sums of money in health care each year.

Banning dog meat would significantly decrease these costs and would shore up valuable funds. Thirdly, Chinese have claimed that dog meat has become a tradition, deeply embedded in their culture.

We must hereto point out that no culture is stagnant, everyone can evolve and progress. Just because something wrong has been done for a very long time certainly doesn’t make it right!

Please share the campaign if you are against eating man’s best friend.

Thank you!

These dogs have been roasted during the Yulin dog meat festival

Dog meat consumption can be traced back to Ancient China.

This is a list of countries where dog meat is legal

Help end dog meat consumption in China by showing your support for this campaign

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