Nick’s 1000hp 3rd Gen Cummins


If you look around in the diesel performance industry, you’ll notice a common trend…they’re mostly all Cummins. When it comes down to making a lot of horsepower and a lot of torque, the Cummins engine is one of the top candidates because of the simplicity of the motor and they are proven time and time again to achieve great horsepower and torque numbers without dumping a ton of money into them. Nick Eklund, a diesel enthusiast, set out to achieve the goal of over 1,000hp and man did he do it.

Nick started out with a 3rd Gen 5.9l Cummins, and has built it to push 1,016 horsepower and 1,694 ft.-lbs. of torque. Let’s take a closer look and dive down to see what he’s done to the truck to make all that power while make it look as good as it does!

Spec Sheet:

  • Innovative Diesel Tuned
  • Firepunk Diesel twin turbo kit (S366 over a S480 turbo setup)
  • Injectors
  • Ryan Wilson built transmission
  • Stock long block
  • Hamilton Cam
  • Manton pushrods
  • Stock transmission cooler
  • Stock drivetrain (other than the transmission)
  • Lowered
  • Custom headlights
  • Custom hood
  • Color matched bumpers and grille

As you can see, the Cummins that Nick has built is making all of that 1,016 hp and 1,694 ft.-lbs. on a STOCK 5.9l long block. That right there is one of the many reasons that diesel performance enthusiasts around the world choose to start with a Cummins. You can make a ton of power without really tearing into the bottom end of the engine which save a lot of time and money.

In this video, you will see Nick make a 10.38 second pass that puts shame to the Mercedes Benz he was running against. The Mercedes had jumped early off the line and Nick’s truck still managed to pull way past the car.

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