Modern Machinery

In modern days, agriculture and other industries heavily rely on the engineering of better and more efficient machinery in order to save money and get the job done quicker. There are many machines out there that you probably had no idea even existed, yet they’re involved in you’re life more than you know. You might know what the carrots look like when they come out of the package, but what most of you don’t know is how they’re actually pulled from the ground, and what machinery is used to do the job. A lot of the machines you will see in this video have been heavily engineered and you can see just how amazing of a job they do. If you take a look at the very first clip in the video, you’ll see a modern tree cutter which not only chops the tree down, but it debranches the tree and cut the tree into logs of specific lengths that the operator can program. The second clip in the video is absolutely amazing. If you’ve every tried to catch a chicken with your bare hands, you know that it can be tough. If they had humans trying to catch all the chickens at this place, they would get absolutely nothing done. Engineers have designed a machine that is able to catch chickens in a massive quantity and transport them to where they can be processed. It it absolutely amazing to see how far we’ve come int he past 10 years not only with the machines that provide us with lower costs, but with the technology and engineering minds of the world! If you, or anyone else you know, have a machine that the rest of the world might not know about, please leave a comment below and tell us about it!


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