Lone Star Throwdown 2016

The Lone Star Throwdown is the worlds largest truck show that is held every year in Conroe, TX. This year we flew out from California to see what this show was all about and to meet up with some industry friends. The night before the show we met up at a local food joint, hung out, and had a pre-show meet. Almost everyone that was from out of the area, came the day before the event so that they could ensure to get to the show early the next morning.

People travel from all around the country to show their trucks at the Lone Star Throwdown, and man there were a lot of trucks! The first day of the show, all the trucks drove through the show for everyone to get a quick glimpse of the trucks before they parked at their booths. After the trucks parked in their booths, you could walk around and check out the trucks you wanted to see up close and in detail. The amount of detail that was in some of the trucks at the show was just unreal. You can tell that they put their blood, sweat, and tears into the build and it reflected their styles perfectly. Some of the builders there were even cool enough to come talk to you about their build and where they got their inspiration for the build from.

It’s crazy to see just how many people enjoy the same passion…trucks. We saw everything from lifted, to lowered, to mud trucks all in the same area at LST, and it was cool seeing everyone in the truck community, regardless of their style, come together to put on a great show. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you make it out to the Lone Star Throwdown!

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