The Ultimate Super Duty

Check out this 2013 regular cab, long bed, F-250 that was built at Shaffers Offroad for a very special and specific event. This beast of a Powerstroke was built for the Ultimate Adventure event that is held every year and man, they definitely knocked it out of the park.

They took 16″ off the original factory frame which in return shortened the chassis and allowed them to create a regular cab short bed. Now you might be a little confused as to why they took a perfectly fine stock truck and cut the frame, but Ford does not offer a Powerstroke diesel in a regular cab short bed option. The shorter the wheel base is, the better the truck will perform off-road for the type of terrain that the Ultimate Adventure event is held in. Next, they completely swapped out the axles and installed huge tires to create more ground clearance and performance. They also added lockers to both axles so that they would get better traction off-road and they didn’t find themselves in a tight spot on their journey. Both the front and rear suspension of the truck was swapped out from factory with a custom 4-linked suspension system. This custom suspension system would allow them to achieve more suspension travel. You might be asking yourselves, “Why would you need more suspension travel?” Simply put, the more suspension travel you can achieve on your vehicle, the bigger terrain you can navigate through. Not to mention, more suspension travel means that the ride will be much more comfortable because you will have a lot more tuning with your shock setups. Next, they added rubber floor to the interior of the truck so they wouldn’t have to worry about getting anything dirty. and it would be a breeze to clean after the trip. They added 40″ tires and bead lock wheels not only to achieve higher ground clearance, but so they could air down and get that extra needed grip on the trail. Check out what else they did to the truck in their video, and let us know…is this the Ultimate Super Duty?

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